Best gaming guide about mystic messenger character jaeheekang

Jaehee Kang is the solitary female character with a course from Casual Story mode. She is the main Secretary at C&R International and works in the limit of Assistant to Jumin Han.

Jaehee in route of mystic messenger has an ordinary or normal stature and our mystic messenger email guide help to find him in good way. Her eyes are of brilliant earthy colored tone and her hair earthy colored and short. She conveys non-prescriptive glasses skilled by Jumin that looks exceptionally alluring on her. She puts on the business dress as she has a significant task to carry out in C&R International’s issues. Her dress comprises of a white shirt, dim earthy colored or dark coat, and skirt with leggings once in a while.

Jaehee’s Nature

Jaehee is a genuine and autonomous business woman and simultaneously, she is cherishing and extremely mindful. She has an exceptional comical inclination that makes everyone giggle also. She loves to have everything in an orchestrated way. She doesn’t care for felines since it’s difficult for her to deal with the wreck they make. It disappoints her to be overburdened at this point she acts mindful and comes out successful regardless of what difficulties are tossed at her by her chief or any other individual.


Her mom wedded a man more established than her age conflicting with her family. The man i.eJaehee’s dad kicked the bucket and left the two of them all alone. At the point when Jaehee was in ninth class her mom had a serious mishap and later kicked the bucket because of the equivalent. Jaehee was disregarded yet her uncle dealt with her and brought up her as his youngster. She moves on from school and got a grant from a top college. After college degree, she quickly entered the labor force and recruited by Jumin Han as an individual secretary, and later she joins RFA at the proposals of Jumin.

Last Word

In the event that you are into an expert, genuine and capable yet minimal clever Jaehee is the young lady. She is dazzling and excellent in her own specific manner. Leave your perspective on Jaehee in the remark area beneath.